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Solving for Technology, Medical, and Retail Products.

Welcome To ASIL, Inc.

Welcome to ASIL, Inc. we are supply chain experts with over 35 years’ experience delivering Environmentally Sound Supply Chain Solutions. We focus on Technology, Medical, and Retail Sectors. We team with a Nationwide Network of certified providers (R2/ISO/OHSAS) to deliver timely and economic outcomes with over 90% Landfill Diversion Rates.

Reduce Excess/Obsolete Inventories

  • Is your cash tied up in slow moving,excess or obsolete inventories? We can help to eliminate those goods through Responsible Reuse or Recycling with our Nationwide Network of Recycling Services and Buyers.

Responsibly Recycle Assets

  • Are you constantly playing catch up and moving products around, taking up warehouse space, and then eventually dumping them to clear the facility? We can deliver Landfill Diversion Rates greater than 90% by offering an environmentally sound proposal to manage the orderly disposition process for your products.

Streamline Reverse Logistics

  • Are your Reverse Logistics processes slow, labor intensive, and costly, making inventories back up and consume limited space? We can provide alternatives for enabling the timelier movement of returns and placement of the goods, thereby minimizing costs in storage, handling, and transportation.

What Product Problems Can We Fix?

ASIL, Inc.’s Supply Chain Asset Disposition

We manage electronics, test and diagnostic equipment, e-waste, fixtures, furniture, appliances, and general goods. All proposals consider costs associated with pick-up, transportation, sortation, disassembly, and final disposition (Recycling/Reuse/Liquidation).

ITAD services are available for back-office environments. Programs may incorporate Gain Sharing based on net recovery objectives.

Reverse Logistics

Address the full return spectrum from planning returns through the execution of environmentally sound solutions.

Service Logistics

Resolve the challenges you face – the right part, in the right place, at the right time…. Balancing Shareholder and Customer value propositions, End of Life (EOL) asset management, and more.

Recycling & Liquidation

Achieve the highest Landfill Diversion Rates and reduce your Carbon Footprint, thereby preserving the environment for the future generations.

Our Experience & Results

Landfill Diversion (Percentage)

Fortune 100 Companies Served

Cups Of Coffee (This Year)

Carbon Footprint Reduction (Lbs)

Our Process

1. Understand your product/program objectives – eliminate, reduce, streamline, etc.

2. Understand product characteristics/ program objectives and assess options

3. Propose solutions and execute to agreed plan.

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