Change Management

Change ManagementASIL, Inc.’s change management methodology is based on, “Driving Complex Change®”, a book about mastering the process of change. Our experience has proven that most projects or efforts succeed or fail due to six critical areas; Direction, Ability, Resources, Incentives, Structure, and Actionable plans. Each area has a unique role in the outcome of your program. We know that when people are truly invested in a change, that change is 30% more likely to be successful. Our commitment is to enable your teams’ ability to navigate the uncertainty of change so that each member is able to make a positive impact on the change. By assessing change program’s performance in these six key areas, ASIL is able to predict impediments and direct actions to enable alignment and communication. The methodology assists companies managing complex change in achieving maximum return on investment and program benefits. It all begins with a Readiness Assessment, but results in a variety of necessary and practical services created to improve your company.

Performance Management

Define and weight criteria to be measured, identify goals-objectives- KPIs, establish performance thresholds and targets, track performance and scorecard performance with the ability to trend ongoing levels and employ a closed loop corrective action management process.

Corrective Action Resolution

Develop and implement a closed loop corrective action process which can automatically assign corrective action requests using predetermined performance criteria, or via event driven activity, or as part of an overall strategy to elevate performance to new levels of value.

Stakeholder Assessments and Alignment

Identify the key stakeholders able to promote your program to success, assess their current levels of support, determine required levels and orchestrate alignment of ongoing support.

Organizational Development

Key services include effectiveness audits, process and performance enhancements, training and employee development, team coaching, and tailored plans for growing new core competencies. ASIL’s solutions enable you to reduce project costs, reduce time needed to achieve performance expectations, increase customer and employee satisfaction, and grow profitability across the company.